T– Talents come from Jesus, the Source/Author of everything, including talents giving, including disposing the same.

A– Ah, you’ve read that often, you’ve read that often sweet, that Jesus gives much talents, the season now is here.

L– Live your li(fe)/(ves) for Jesus, live your li(fe)/(ves) for Christ, the season is here right now, Christ Jesus gives them sweet.

E– End now sweet, sweet, sweet lies, you give worship sweet truth, Christ Jesus knows your sweet thoughts, Christ Jesus knows your sweet things.

N– Now you give much blessings, now you give much gifts, Jesus will be serious, to give much talents sweet.

T– Take and give your savings, give your best sweet gifts, that Jesus may be pleased much/lots, and give you talents sweet/fit/meet.

S– Seek the “Good” Lord Jesus, know His awesome Self, give your best sweet offerings, that Jesus may be sweet.


D– Do what Jesus tells you, do your giving now, give me all your sweet dues, that sweet talents may spill.

I– I must hold much gatherings, I must sing for Christ, all for Jesus people, must sweetly sing with me.

S– Songs of praise and worship, I will be singing much/lots, I need sweet back up singers, to sing with me for Christ.

P– Please wait for Christ Jesus, to give you sweet, sweet all things sweet, the likes of sweet, sweet voices, to sing much songs for Him/Christ.

O– Oh, you must remember, oh, you mustn’t forget, all that you have are from Jesus, all that you have are Christ’s.

S– Send my sweet, sweet dues now, give Jesus Christ your best, since you are all for Jesus, His talents you must have.

A– All I have is Jesus, all I have is Christ, but Jesus owns sweet all things, the likes of talents sweet/fit/meet.

L– Love the “Good” Lord Jesus, serve the Lord your God, Jesus is the Giver, of all sweet talents fit/sweet/meet.


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