P– Pay now your sweet taxes, taxes for the Lord, taxes all for Jesus, taxes all for Christ.

A– Ah, you have much money, ah, you are not merry, Christ Jesus is not All to you, you are just all for money.

Y– Yes, there’s Hope in Jesus, yes, there’s Hope in Christ, but you must be so changed still, remember the Ninevites?

I– I am all for Jesus, I am all for Christ, I’m not all for taxes, I’m not all for tax.

N– Now, be all for Jesus, be all for Jesus now, do not pay your taxes, if you don’t have money now.

G– Give your all to Jesus, give your all to Christ, Ceasar must be served well, after serving sweet Christ.


T– Taxes must be paid much, first to Jesus Christ, then pay taxes to Ceasar, if money- you have lots.

A– Ah, be all for Jesus, be all for Jesus now, then give first your taxes, to Ceasar after Christ.

X– X is not for Xerox, x is for the Lord, x is not for porn still, x is for the Lord.

E– End now paying taxes, end now paying such, when Jesus is not raised up, but people who get tax.

S– Such as politicians, who take the fame of Christ, who use sweet precious money, to advance their fame or party.


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