IIsaac is a good name, laughter is what it means, mockery– I won’t use that, that Christ Jesus may be glad.

S– So, be all for Jesus, so, be all for Christ, He will be your Buckler/Portion, and exceeding Great Reward.

A– Abraham believed Christ, that he would have a child, a male baby from Sarah, come her age at 99.

A– Ah, Sarah was barren, she cannot bear a child, aside from this, she was already menopausal, her egg cells are all gone.

C– Christ Jesus gave Isaac, to Sarah and Abraham, when both were very old then, respectively 99 and 100 years old- that’s a fact.


J– Jesus Christ is faithful, Jesus Christ is true, Jesus Christ is righteous, we must be like Him too.

O– Oh, I’ll name my 2nd child, Isaac Joseph Paul, provided Christ will give me, a baby boy in time.

S– Since I am still single, at 45 years old, only Christ can help me, to be partnered or paired.

E– Ey, I’m all for Jesus, ey, I’m all for Christ, I will Hope in Jesus, I will trust in Christ.

P– Partner- I will have that, a lovely bride to wife, a gorgeous lass to marry, the lady just for me.

H– Hey, Yowceph is the Hebrew word, for the English word Joseph, the meaning is- let the LORD add, the increase comes from Jesus Christ.


PPaul stands for little, Paul stands for small, but Christ Jesus has the power, to enable His children to excel.

A– Ah, Jesus empowers, the children that He has, He can make them courageous/witty, just like the apostle Paul.

U– Uh, I’ll name my 2nd child, Isaac Joseph Paul, provided Christ will give me, a baby boy in time.

L– Love the Good Lord Jesus, love the Lord your God, your heart’s desire(s) He will give you, Christ will provide for you.


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