Poem 121- HURDLES

H– Hurdles are mere obstacles, that so prevents someone, to do something sweet good or bad, whatever that thing be.

U– Uh, don’t be discouraged, don’t be discouraged much/lots, when you are so prevented, to do something for Christ.

R– Regard the “Good” Lord Jesus, regard the Lord your God, He is so sweet and loving/caring, don’t be discouraged much/lots.

D– Delight in serving Jesus, delight in loving Christ, delight in doing all things, to please the Lord your God.

L– Live your li(fe)/(ves) for Jesus, live your li(fe)/(ves) for Christ, and do not be discouraged, when hurdles are on your way.

E– Ever love/serve Christ Jesus, ever love/serve the Lord, life is sweet, exciting, when Jesus is extolled.

S– So, honor your Master, with hurdles or without, a life devoted to Jesus, Christ Jesus will enhance.


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