W– Worship is a word still, so full of meaning sweet, sweet meaning all for Jesus, sweet meaning all for Christ.

O– Oh, I want to worship, the sweet Lord Jesus Christ, He is God Incarnate, the God who shed His blood.

R– Regard worship in your doings, regard worship all the time, do sweet all things for Jesus, do sweet all things for Christ.

S– Savior is Christ Jesus, Savior is the Lord, the sweet Lord Jesus is Savior, Savior who created the world.

H– Have Your way Lord Jesus, have Your way Lord God, we will be obedient, 2 Corinthians 10:5.

I– I am all for Jesus, I am all for Christ, much wealth and much sweet blessings, Christ Jesus will provide.

P– Pray always to Jesus, pray always to Christ, dead people do not pray much, to the sweet, sweet Jesus Christ.


P– Provider is Christ Jesus, Provider is the LORD, He had died in our place, to prosper much our lives.

A– All for Jesus people, all for Jesus sweet, sweet, sweet to Christ Jesus, He will provide so/too much.

R– Regard the “Good” Lord Jesus, regard the Lord your God, He had died in our place, to prosper much our lives.

T– Take and read your Bibles, read them well and good, Jesus is the Healer, and not His loving Father.


O– Oh, the Holy Spirit, dispenses healing well, the Source still is Christ Jesus, the Healer of our lives.

N– Never thou be lying, never thou be sweet, sweet, sweet in sweet pretending, sweet, sweet in lying, pretending.

E– Ever worship Jesus, ever worship Christ, all that you do for Jesus, is worship true enough.


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