M– March for Jesus forever, He will leave you never, the battle cry is Jesus, the God who died for us.

A– Ah, I’m all for Jesus, ah, I’m all for Christ, He is my sweet excellence, He is my sweet Confidence.

R– Regard the “Good” Lord Jesus, regard the Lord your God, He is risen forever, no longer at the grave/sepulcher.

C– Carry all your substance, carry all your cares, give them all to/for Jesus, Christ Jesus will be nigh.

H– Have Your way Lord Jesus, have Your way Lord God, Your name is our sweet battle cry, Christ Jesus- He is All.


F– Find a verse that tells you, Christ Jesus is the Victor, Christ Jesus is triumphant, He won the Victor’s crown.

O– Oh, how sweet, exciting, how sweet to serve/love the Lord, the Lord of all creation, He is the risen Lord.

R– Regard the “Good” Lord Jesus, regard the Lord your God, His name is above all others, the name we must uphold/unfold.


J– Jesus- name above all names, Jesus- He is great, He is blessed forever, He is the triumphant Lord!!!

E– Ever will I serve/love Him, ever will I p/raise Him, ever will I worship, the name above all names.

S– Say not I am blessed, say that not at all, when you’re not all for Jesus, when you’re not all for Christ.

U– Under Jesus’ sweet name, under Christ’s sweet name, we are blessed forever, we are conquering as well.

S– So, engage in battle, the battle is the Lord’s, we are/He is triumphant forever, He is our All in all.

(1 John 5:20; 1 Timothy 6:12; Colossians 3:11; 2:10; Psalm 23:1; 103:1-5; Exodus 15:26; Isaiah 53:5)


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