P– Please wait for Christ Jesus, please wait for the Lord, He must be obeyed much, He must be pleased lots.

L– Love the “Good” Lord Jesus, love the Lord your God, as if He is so saying, please wait for My sweet time.

E– Ever loving, sweet God, ever loving sweet, please wait for Christ Jesus, He is the God to wait for.

A– Ah, Jesus is saying, Jesus is saying sweet, please wait for My timing, My timing is so sweet.

S– Such is my sweet Jesus, such is my sweet Christ, He is exalted/extolled forever, His timing is so sweet.

E– Eternally sweet is Jesus, eternally sweet is Christ, He is the Father’s Beloved, Holy Ghost Anointed.


W– Wait for Christ’s sweet timing, wait for Christ’s sweet time, He is Anointed forever, please wait for Christ’s sweet time.

A– Ah, please wait for Jesus, ah, please wait for Christ, He will give the best still, if you will wait for Him.

I– I am all for Jesus, I am all for Christ, He is my sweet Master, His timing is the best.

T– Time spent for Christ Jesus, time spent for the Lord, He will be rewarding, His timing is so sweet.


M– Much is my sweet blessing, much is my sweet gift, much is my best from Jesus, His best for me is so sweet.

U– Uh, I’m so excited, I’m so excited sweet, my best from/for my Lord Jesus, He is making so sweet.

C– Christ is my sweet Master, Christ is my sweet Best, His best for me are excessive, His best for me are so sweet.

H– Have Your way Lord Jesus, have Your way Lord Christ, we will be obedient, Your best for us we’ll take.


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