D– Don’t change the Holy Scriptures, don’t change the words of God, the substance there is Jesus, He must be lifted up.

O– Oh, He is the Alpha/Alef, He is the Omega too, the Tav is my Lord Jesus, the Destiny of all for Christ.

N– Never thou encourage, the changing of God’s words, the words of my Lord Jesus, the words of my sweet God.

T– Take and read your Bibles, read them well and good, Jesus is the Answer, Jesus is the Lesson.


C– Change not the Holy Scriptures, corrupt not the words of God, corrupt not the words of Jesus, He is the Author of that.

H– Have Your way Lord Jesus, have Your way Lord God, we will be abiding, in You we will be dwelling.

A– Ah, the sweet Lord Jesus, authored the words of God, authored the words of Jesus, He is the Source of that.

N– Never thou distort now, the sweet words of the Lord, the sweet words of Christ Jesus, He spoke the words of God.

G– Give your all to Jesus, give your all to Christ, He is the Anointed, the God who ransomed the church.

E– Ever so much faithful, ever so much true, He has given us the Bible, for us to learn the Truth!!!


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