T– Two pronged means bifurcate, having two branches sweet, fork-like but just limited, to having two branches fit.

W– Why will you not serve Christ, why will you not win, win souls for Christ Jesus, evangelism bring?

O– Oh, that is so evil, when people saved by Christ, when people saved by Jesus, would just sit at the church.


P– Pronged means bifurcated, branched into two sweet things, winning souls taught by sweet Jesus, involves evangelism and discipleship.

R– Regard the “Good” Lord Jesus, regard the sweet Lord Christ, win souls now for Jesus, you sitting saints/souls at the church.

O– Oh, I am excited, yes, I’m so much blest/blessed, Christ Jesus- my sweet Savior, will now go with me to win much lives.

N– Now, be so encouraged, now, be so brave much, now, Christ- you exalt Him, win sweet souls for the Lord.

G– Give your all to Jesus, give your all to Christ, be bold, be encouraged, win much souls for the Lord.

E– Ever win souls, win lives, win much souls for Christ, that your li(fe)/(ves) be made beautiful, in Christ’s appointed time.

D– Delight now in Christ Jesus, delight now in the Lord, that He may be exalted, now serve the risen Lord.

(Luke 24:47; Mark 16:20)


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