K– Know your God, oh people, know the Lord your God, He is God Incarnate, the God who shed His blood.

N– Never thou be lazy, never thou be such, Jesus you must love much, His Love Letter- study lots.

O– Oh, the Holy Scriptures, the Bible- it is called, it is Christ’s Love Letter, to us whom He loved much.

W– Why will you not study, the Love Letter of Christ, if you’re in love with Jesus, if you’re in love with Christ?


Y– Yes, I’m all for Jesus, yes, I’m all for Christ, His Love Letter I cherish, His Love Letter I read.

O– Oh, Christ Jesus knows well, Christ Jesus knows your heart/s, He knows what motivates you, He knows what makes you move.

U– Uh, I’m all for Jesus, I’m really all for Christ, He is God Incarnate, He died on my behalf.

R– Regard the “Good” Lord Jesus, regard the Lord your God, He must be so served well, if love is what we have.


G– God the Father loves Him, Holy Ghost as well, all true all for Jesus, loves Jesus with their all.

O– Oh, I have much learning, much learning from the Lord, much learning from Christ Jesus, my Wisdom too is Christ.

D– Delight in sweet Lord Jesus, delight in sweet, sweet Christ, that your desires be granted, the best is yours to have.

(Psalm 37:4)


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