Poem 83- LONG LIFE

L– Long is one’s sweet lifespan, long is one’s sweet life, when parents are much honored, when obedience is well disposed.

O– Oh, you loving parents, oh, you loving such, give your all to Jesus, that your children be not bad.

N– Now, be all for Jesus, now, be all for Christ, train well your sweet children, to obey the Lord Jesus Christ.

G– Give your all to Jesus, give your all to Christ, that Christ may touch your children, to live sweet Godly lives.


L– Live your lives for Jesus, live your lives for Christ, children be obedient, to your parents for Christ.

I– If Christ is obeyed well, if Christ is not transgressed, both children and their parents, will live sweet holy lives.

F– Find a verse that tells you, you must be all for Christ, you must be all for Jesus, for you to have long life.

E– Ey, that is just simple, ey, that is just fun, when you are all for Jesus, you must live holy li(fe)/(ves).

(Ephesians 6:1-4)


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