H– Holy Ghost Baptizer, that is God the Father, Jesus- His Beloved, Son God He had Anointed.

O– Oh, Jesus baptizes, us with the Holy Ghost, His Godhood had baptized too, His Manhood with the Same.

L– Love that is unending, love that is supreme, Jesus demonstrated, when His Dad gave Him to us.

Y– Yes, I am anointed, yes, I am God smeared, painted and so covered, with God the Holy Spirit.


G– Godkind is God the Father, Godkind is God the Son, Godkind is the Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God.

H– Have Your way Lord Jesus, have Your way Lord God, we will be obedient, 2 Corinthians 10:5.

O– Oh, you are confused now, you are so much confused, you are not Christ anointed, you are not Christian yet.

S– Say not you’re a Christian, say not you’re one yet, when you’re not Christ anointed, Christianos- you are not.

T– The Holy Ghost is Spirit, the Father is Spirit too, Christ Jesus is God Incarnate, Spirit God with a Manhood.


B– Baptizer is God the Father, Baptizer is God the Son, Holy Ghost Baptizer, Both Father and the Son.

A– Ah, you are confused now, recall what I have said, the Father have Anointed, the Son with the sweet Spirit.

P– Pray now to the Father, pray now to the Son, pray now to the Spirit, all you confused Trinitarians.

T– Take and read your Bibles, read them well and good, the rightful prayer Addressee, just God the Son Incarnate.

I– I am all for Jesus, Christ Jesus is my God, my true God and Eternal Life, He is the Son of God.

Z– Zealous people study, zealous people read, zealous people learn well, the Scriptures of the Lord.

E– Ey, you are confused now, you have not learned God’s word, you have not known Christ Jesus, you have not known His words.

R– Regard the “Good” Lord Jesus, regard the Lord your God, He’s Holy Ghost Baptizer, the God that you can call.


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