I– Iglesia ni Cristo are the people, who lie about the nature of Christ, who lie about His essence, who lie about His genus.

G– Great God is Christ Jesus, the Savior God that we have, Titus 2:13 have declared that, Christ Jesus is the appearing God/Godkind.

L– Liars will be going, to the Lake of Fire, that’s for sure, Revelation 21:8 have declared that, all liars must repent of their lies.

E– Ey, they will be punished, in Hell and the Lake of Fire, where is Felix Manalo right now, in Hell or in Paradise?

S– Sin that is not rejected, is enough to earn you God’s wrath, is enough to earn you God’s fury, John 3:36 will prove that sure fact.

I– I am all for Jesus, Christ Jesus is my true God, He is also my true sweet Eternal Life, 1 John 5 verse twenty will so show that.

A– Ah, all liars will be going, they will go to the Lake of Fire, after they have much suffered in the fires of Hell, the worms there do not die for all liars.


N– Now, be all for Jesus, be all for Jesus now, you Iglesia Ni Cristo who are weary, who are tired of your pride and your lies.

I– In time, you will suffer, in the torments of Hell and the Lake of Fire, if Jesus will find you still unfaithful, unrepentant, denying Christ His very Godhood.


C– Christos is the Greek word for the English word Christ, while Theos is the Greek word which stands for God, all lying ministers of the Iglesia Ni Cristo have so distorted, Acts 20:28 by changing God to the “wrong” word Christ.

R– Reason for this change is very obvious, they want to claim that Jesus Christ is purely man, they have to lie there is no God who shed His blood, no God Redeemer who bought the church with His own blood.

I– I am all for Jesus, I am all for Christ, Jesus Christ is my Salvation and my sweet Savior, the God who purchased the church of God with His own blood.

S– Savior God, Redeemer, Salvation of the world, there really is no Other, no Other God who ransomed me with His own blood.

T– Take and read your Bibles, you lazy INC’s, you lazy Bible readers, who do not read Christ’s words.

O– Oh, you have no time there, Pasugo is not good, it’s full of lies, it’s full of wonders, that sweet marred magazine is full of lies and lying wonders.


P– Pasugo is Satan’s work, it’s full of wonders, not thinking people are made to believe, Christ has no Godhood.

A– Ah, you really thought, you are so good now, you have entered a church, a church well organized in cheating people, a church just looking good on the outward appearance.

R– Right away you entered, a church so full of pride, a church so full of pride and lying wonders, a church denying Christ His very Godhood.

T– Think you lazy bones now, you deny the Godhood of Christ, without reading the Bible, you lazy readers read!!!


T– Take and read your Bibles, you lazy readers read, read and read your Bibles, that you may know the Lord.

W– Woe unto you sluggard, you can afford to lie, you can afford to speak lies, without knowing God’s words.

O– Oh, what said Hosea, the Lord spoke through him, My people are destroyed not knowing My words, for they’ve rejected it.

(Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1:1-6; Acts 17:11; Hosea 4:6)


Note: Oh, the technology is so good today, we have lots of good Bible softwares, for free. I personally recommend “e-sword” and “The Word”. Have all their free resources downloaded, including all the available Bible translations in English and other languages you can speak. That way, you can compare the different translations. King James Version (KJV) is closest to the original, because it also has the Strong’s numbering of the original Hebrew and Greek. You will use the Strong’s numbering a lot, if you want to venture in deeper and more accurate Bible learning. You can go to the “youtube” and watch video tutorials of the Bible softwares you have freely downloaded. For instance, you can type there “e-sword video tutorials” or “The Word Bible Software video tutorials” to learn all the functionalities and features of the said Bible softwares. I personally use the 2 Bible softwares. They are really good!!! “The Word” can be stored as a portable file in a USB or flashdrive, so you can carry it anywhere you go. The Lord Jesus bless us all as we learn more of Him and grow in His grace and knowledge (2 Peter 3:18). Hallelujah!!!!!!!