The Story of the Hen My Teacher Taught Us

When I was a child then, back in preschool days, I was really tiny, my face somewhat comely! Our teacher taught us, the story of the hen- she had lots of friends then, are they not all good friends? One time she had passed by, to have her wheat made flour, she had asked her good friends, to help her in the mill. The rice mill grind varieties- barley, wheat and rice, they are there just pounded, that flour may be made up. The hen was really hurt then, her friends did not help her, they said- we don’t like wheat bread, besides, you have your head! Nonetheless, the hen continued, she carried still the wheat, although it was heavy, she had it pounded still. When it was then powdered, she had to go back home, again her friends had seen her, she carried the weight so well! Oh, she asked for help too, in making dough and bread, but her friends would not help her, they really would not care. At home, she cooked some wheat bread, hot and delicious too, oh it’s really yummy, so sweet to the mouth and tasty!! The odour or the scent also, the air had carried through, the hen’s friends had it smelled well, my God- it smelled so well!!! Because of this, they ran forth, to see what’s going on, to their surprise- their hen friend, she’s eating bread inside!!!! What do you think had happened, when they all came inside, they all want to eat bread, the bread- the hen have made! The hen was then enraged much, she really got so mad, she would shout at her friends, you all must now go out!!!!!! (This is a really good story, I have learned in the past, I was then in kindergarten, or nursery perhaps!!!!!!!)


Lesson of the story: To be angry is not bad, as long as there’s a good reason, for Christ Jesus looks around (Proverbs 15:3; Ephesians 4:26).


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