T– T is for three pigs, I’m telling you about, one of them is the eldest, the two are younger ones.

H– Happily, they were living, a wolf have come their way, now they are much troubled, they really have to pray.

E– Ey, they prayed to Jesus, ey, they prayed to Christ, Lord Jesus- they have all said, rebuke the wolf around.


T– The pigs were really bothered, they prayed to Christ a lot, then Christ Jesus helped them, oh they were so glad.

H– Happily, they ate well, happily, they sang, happily, they prayed much, to thank the Lord their God.

R– Render unto Jesus, all your gifts and tithes, including all your offerings, He will protect your lives.

E– Ey, the three pigs did that, they went to church a lot, they have given their dues, with mirth and gladness much.

E– Ey, the three pigs did that, they went to church a lot, they have given their dues, with mirth and gladness much.


P– Pigs can be called boars/sows too, swine or hogs as well, they can now be eaten, if you don’t have some ailment.

I– Illness can prevent one, from eating delicious pigs, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, stroke and the rest.

G– Give your all to Jesus, give your all to Christ, exercise your bodies, that healthy- you may get.

S– Swine can be eaten roasted, crunchy for the teeth, the skin is quite delicious, you will return for more.


A– Ah, Christ Jesus helped them, the three pigs were secured, none of them was eaten, by the roaming wolf around.

N– Now, they all have their own house, the youngest owns one made of hay, the elder owns one made of some wood, while the eldest owns one made of stone.

D– Diligently, the wolf wandered, it roamed and roamed around, it had to make some nice moves, that the three pigs may be its food.


T– The house belonging to the youngest, the wolf destroyed by wind, the wolf have blown with much air, the house that’s made of hay.

H– Heavily the air flowed, the hay house got destroyed, the youngest pig had panicked, it went to the elder pig.

E– Ey, the elder pig’s house, it’s really made of wood, the wolf had burned the wooden house, until the two pigs went out.

I– In distress, they panicked, the two pigs ran for their lives, until they reached the stone house, belonging to the eldest pig.

R– Right away the three prayed, that nothing bad would transpire, then they stayed near the fire place, a chimney is on the house.


H– High and on the roof top, the chimney can be seen, there outside the stone house, belonging to the eldest pig.

O– Oh, the wolf have thought much, what would be its move, the wind it cannot use that, the fire won’t burn the house.

U– Uh, it thought of something, it saw the chimney on top, eagerly it climbed up, to access the house inside.

S– So, the three pigs think much, what would be their move, they have thought of something, they add more wood on the flame.

E– Ey, the wolf got burned up, as the fire place burned a lot, the hot smoke sent it falling, directly on the flame.

S– So, the three pigs were happy, the wolf have died of burns, Jesus Christ- they praised much, He kept them safe and sound.


Lesson of the story: A prayerful life is nice. A prayerful life is awesome, when addressed just to Jesus Christ.

(Jeremiah 33:3, 2; 1 Corinthians 1:2; Acts 9:11-16)


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