R– Regard not priests that are liars, perverting the words of Christ, human traditions are more meaningful, than obeying the words of Christ.

O– Oh, they call to Jesus, they call to the saints as well, they are praying to the Father, to the Holy Ghost as well.

M– Many are the people, who pray to the Trinity, they violate the High Priestly function of Jesus, oh they misuse the name of Christ.

A– Ah, they’re good at falling, they’re good at singing songs, their worthless prayers- Christ hates them, am I not today so blest/blessed?

N– Never will they honor, the God who made the world, the Yeshua/Jesus who made the universe, the jealous God of Moses.


C– Catholics are universal, they pray to all that they want, to them all saints are ubiquitous, they pray to many createdkinds.

A– Ah, they love to be seen, to be seen hurting themselves, to be seen earning God’s favour, by their righteousness apart from Christ.

T– Their priests are all wicked people, they violate the Godhood of Jesus, they violate the Lordship of Jesus, they will pray to the createdkinds.

H– How are you today friends, do you love Christ Jesus more than your mothers, Matthew 10:37 bears/bares the matter.

O– Oh, king Hezekiah, destroyed the brazen serpent, when the Israelites, worshiped it like Yeshua.

L– Love your parents more than Jesus, love your children more than Christ, love your pride, love your efforts, your good works Christ Jesus will despise.

I– I am all for Jesus, I am all for Christ, Christ Jesus will bless all my efforts, when they are done all for Jesus Christ.

C– Carry your crosses, carry your burdens, pretend to be Godly ones, commit adultery, fornicate, steal much money, Christ Jesus will laugh at thee.


C– Church, you are called, oh wicked people, you pretend to be Godly ones, but Jesus can see your thoughts and actions, your priests can afford to touch your nuns.

H– Ha, ha, ha, Jesus will laugh at you, you engage in gambling, you engage in stealing, you engage in lying, you engage in pretending.

U– Uh, what has become of your black Nazarene, you believe in lack, you believe in Buddha.

R– Right inside your churches, Christ Jesus is not Lord, Christ Jesus is not Master, your works are all for nought.

C– Christ is not exalted, Christ is not extolled, you Deify graven images, Christ there is not your Lord.

H– Hell-bound, you are going, destroy your idols now, that Jesus may be raised up, be all for Jesus now!!!

(Colossians 2:8-10; Mark 7:9; Romans 10:1-4; Romans 12:1-2; 2 Corinthians 10:5; 1 Corinthians 16:22; Isaiah 42:8)


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