H– He created the universe, He created the world, Jesus executed the very act, Genesis 1:31.

E– Ey, Jesus- our Redeemer, He stretched forth the heavens alone, He spreadeth abroad the earth by Himself.

B– Brought to existence, all of creation, Hebrews 1:8-10 bearing witness, and Isaiah 44:24.

R– Right there in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were placed, Jesus had them created, Genesis 1:27.

E– Ey, all were provided, for them to live life well/best, more abundant life from Jesus, for as long as they do right.

W– Wayward Adam and Eve have been, for though they were created perfect, the forbidden fruit- they ate.

SSin from then on entered, which have brought death to the world, and so death passed upon all men, for we all came from the bloodline of Adam.


N– Now, back there in eternity, before Yeshua/Jesus created the world, the Trinity were already in existence, God the Father, God the Son & Holy Ghost.

I– Infinite is God the Father, infinite is God the Son, infinite is God the Holy Spirit, These 3 Persons are all Godkind.

N– None of Them/the Three have a Body, a Flesh with bones and blood, the Three are Spirit Beings, no flesh, no bones and no blood.

E– Ey, but They are all omniscient, co-equal in what They know, co-equal in sweet nature or essence, co-equal in genus- you may say so.


T– Thus, They have foreseen already, before Yeshua/Jesus created the world, that the humankind Eve and Adam, will fall in sin by eating the forbidden.

W– With that in mind, the Trinity, engaged in an agreement, They entered a covenant or a contract, a statute/principle to be had.

E– Ey, They said in Their arrangement, They said in Their sweet deal, “For human sin against God to be forgiven, blood therefore must be shed!”

N– Now, who will shed blood among/within the Trinity, when They are all Spirit Beings, Spirits don’t possess a Body, no flesh, no bones and no blood.

T– Therefore, One have volunteered, to take a Human Form, that by possessing a Body, flesh, bones and blood He may have.

Y– Yes, Jesus took Manhood, not derived from sinful Adamic race, but created by His Godhood in Paradise/3rd Heaven, and implanted miraculously in Mary’s womb.


T– Then, Jesus’ Humanity, was born into our world, have reached the age of 30, preached the Gospel about Him until 33.

W– When the feast of the Passover came about, He was beaten, wounded, bruised and crucified, so that through the shed blood of His Manhood, the world may be conditionally pardoned.

O– Oh, the love of God the Father, He sent His own Son to the world, confirmed by the communion & fellowship of the Holy Ghost, Christ died and rose victoriously, redemption imposed.

(John 6:51; 1:3; Colossians 1:16; John 3:16, 15; 1:12; Romans 8:3, 32)


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