J– Jesus called God- His Father, the Jews were enraged by that, they sought all the more to kill Jesus, for He makes Himself equal with God.

O– Oh, you blind guides of people, you’re deceiving much souls you’ll bring to Hell, you don’t desire to enter the Kingdom of Jesus, those entering ones you prevent from doing such.

H– Hell will be your portion, the Lake of Fire Jesus prepared for you to have, originally made for the devil and his angelic cohorts, for Iglesia ni Cristo too- unrepentant ones, dishonoring Christ.

N– Never will Christ honor, those who dishonor Christ, the one who dishonors Jesus, dishonors too His loving Dad who loves Christ so much.


F– Fit for Hell and the Lake of Fire, are all people dishonoring Christ, are all people dishonoring Jesus, denying firmly the Godhood of Jesus Christ.

I– I am all for Jesus, Christ Jesus is my God, Christ Jesus is my Savior/Salvation, the God who shed His own blood.

V– Verily, oh verily, there are levels of the createdkinds, there are ranks of Christ’s creations, let’s enumerate them one by one.

EElementalkind is the lowest, naturally occurring ones that Jesus Christ created, those ones found in the Periodic Table, carbon, hydrogen, gold and silver are examples.


T– Then, we have the Plantkind, vegetation and/or flora, the members rank on a higher level, than the lifeless Elementalkind.

W– What we have next is the Animalkind, ranking higher than the Plantkind, members here have higher life form, since they have blood in order to survive.

E– Ey, then we have Humankind, a higher life form than the Animalkind, members here are persons with blood, with souls, with spirits, created too in the image of God.

N– Next, we have the highest, level of creation, members here are purely spirits, they don’t have flesh, they don’t have bones, they don’t have blood.

T– The Angelkind– they are called, they don’t engage in sex, they don’t have sexual organs, they do not procreate.

Y– Yes, Christ made them that way, when He created the world, when He created the universe, 3rd Heaven/the Paradise is their created dwelling place.


T– Then, Lucifer defected, an Archangel who have rebelled against God, he has taken with him a 3rd of God’s angels, he aspired for Godhood by equating himself with the Godkind/Godhead.

H– He was kicked out from Paradise/3rd Heaven, Satan- Archenemy, he was given that name, the angels he brought with him were then called demons, they’re all for Hell, for the Lake of Fire, not all for Jesus!

R– Regard Philippians 2:5-6, Christ thought it not robbery/covetousness to be equal with God, if He is purely Man, would that not make Him a lot far worse than ambitious Satan?

E– Equating the Angelkind with the Godkind, wicked Satan did, Isaiah 14:12-14 tell that, will you consider the facts!!!

E– Ey, if Christ is purely Humankind, with no Godhood at that, why then did He equated, Himself to His loving Dad?

(John 5:18; Acts 20:28)


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