A– Awesome God is Jesus, awesome God is Christ, He took Human Form or Manhood, He died too at the cross.

W– Why will He so do that, if not for you and me, if not for unworthy sinners, oh, He must be blest.

E– Everlasting Father, Everlasting God, God the Father’s Beloved, Holy Ghost inspired/anointed.

S– Saviour God, Redeemer, Salvation of the world, the One and Only Jesus, who ransomed us in full.

O– Oh, Jesus I love You, oh, Jesus I do, I heart You Jesus forever, I’ll leave You, never, never!

M– Marry me Lord Jesus, I am a spiritual bride, You are my worthy Husband, the Maker of my life.

E– Ey, You love me so much, ey, You died for lots, all can be a lot too, Christ Jesus- You are love.


G– God the Father loves You, God the Holy Spirit also, Both are all for Jesus, They gave Their all to You.

O– Oh, Jesus I love You, oh, Jesus I do, You have died in my place, by Your grace I’ve been saved.

D– Daddy Jesus I love You, Daddy Jesus I do, awesome, Mighty in power, Almighty- just the same.

(Isaiah 54:5; John 3:35; 16:7-15; 15:26; 14:26)


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