K– Kibrothhattaavah, a place after Taberah, there the Israelites, proceeded after desert Sinai.

I– Israelite community, people Moses led, kindled Jesus’ anger, enraged Him much for food.

B– Behold, they cried in their tents, we want to eat meat too, all we have here is manna, we want flesh for our food.

R– Right there inside Egypt, we have eaten fish freely, we ate cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, garlics too.

O– Oh, why have we left that place, we’re better off in Egypt, now we’re here in the wilderness, who shall give us flesh to eat?

T– They have forgotten Christ’s miracles, which He did for their good, how He delivered them from slavery, and parted the Red Sea to save them from Egyptian cruelty.

H– How He drowned wicked Pharaoh and his armies, how He gave His people drinking water in torrents, by making water to gush, out of flinty rocks.

H– How He led them like a Shepherd, along the unfriendly wilderness or desert, in a pillar of cloud in the heat of day, and a pillar of fire in the cold night.

A– Ah, Moses told Jesus, “Yeshua, where will I get, much flesh to feed these people, just the soldiers- above 600,000?”

T– The “Good” LORD Jesus answered, “I will provide for a month,” but Moses cannot fathom, how that will come about.

T– To him that is impossible, he had to tell the LORD, “Will our herds and flocks be slaughtered, to suffice Your people, Lord?”

A– “Ah, should all sea fish be gathered, to suffice the Israelites, Lord?” “My hand is not shortened,” the LORD reminded Moses.

A– A wind went forth from Jesus, and brought quails from the sea, they all fell at the campsite, where the Israelites dwell.

V– Verily, the people, were covered by much quails, a day’s journey on either side, and all around the camp.

A– Ah, they piled or heaped up, 3 feet from the ground, the Israelites gathered for 2 days, the quails that they will eat.

H– Hot displeasure kindled, the fury of the Lord, He plagued much Israelites, by killing the greedy ones.

(Numbers Chapter 11)


(Hebrews 11:24-26; 1 Corinthians 10:1-13)


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