Poem 53- ANAK

A– Anak is a giant, of stature big and great, his descendants too are giants- Sheshai, Ahiman, Talmai.

N– Now, their family dwelleth, inside the Promised Land, otherwise known as Canaan, Christ’s inheritance for the Israelites.

A– Ah, from the 12 spies of Israel, 10 have brought an evil report, the entire Israelite congregation, they have discouraged, they have disheartened, they have distressed.

K– Kindled inspiration for the people, Joshua and Caleb did, these 2 other brave spies have looked on Jesus, they said, “Let’s go at once, and possess the land, God gave to us.”

(Numbers 13-14:38; Hebrews 12:2a; Isaiah 45:22-24)


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