T– There was once a prophet, Jonah by the name, oh he is a Hebrew, Amittai- his father’s name.

H– He was told by Jesus, he was told by Christ, to preach repentance to the Ninevites, or else they will all die.

E– Ey, Jonah was froward, headstrong/stubborn and all that, he is too unruly, disobedient, you will see.


S– So, he left for Tarshish, via Joppa he went forth, there he took a ship ride, and headed away from Christ.

T– The ship incurred much trouble, sea waters were enraged, they have been tempestuous, really boisterous.

O– Oh, the sailors were frightened, oh, they were scared, they have thought of sinking, while Jonah slept and dreamed.

R– Regarding loaded cargos, regarding loaded wares, the seafarers have thrown them, to the waters turbulent.

Y– Yes, they all have panicked, since the stormy sea didn’t abate, the seamen all prayed to their gods, while Jonah had to sleep a lot.


O– Oh, the ship captain found Jonah, sleeping tranquil and serene, the ship where they ride will almost break up, but Jonah is reposeful in nap.

F– Finally, the captain, had awakened fleeing Jonah from sleep, he said thou sleeper you must pray now, if haply your God will hear now.


J– Jonah joined the sailors, when they drew lots to know, the culprit why the sea rage, and in a great uproar.

O– Oh, Jonah was chosen, the lot fell on his lap, the seamen found him guilty, for he told his story.

N– Nineveh should have been, his assignment from the LORD, but he made an about face, and to Tarshish he headed forth.

A– Ah, he told the sailors, I have disobeyed the LORD, the God of heaven and the Maker, of the sea and the dry land.

H– He fled forth from Jesus, he fled forth from Christ, Yeshuwah– his Salvation, Prosperity and Help/Health.


A– Ah, the sea waves roared much, the seafarers were alarmed, they had to ask Prophet Jonah, how the raging sea can be calmed.

N– Now Jonah had told them, I am the cause of this, you have to throw me overboard, that the LORD may remove the storm.

D– Despite Jonah’s disclosure, in spite of Jonah’s claim, the seamen rowed and rowed much, to bring the ship to the land.


T– Thus, they were discouraged, thus, they were distressed, the roaring sea have raged much, the tempest did not stop.

H– Heavily the storm flowed, the sea waters were tossed, the sailors failed to reach land, they were threatened so much.

E– Ey, they prayed to Yahweh, to Jehovah– no one else, the One who made the universe, Yeshuwah– the LORD who saves.


S– So, they said in prayer, oh LORD we beg of Thee, allow us not to die for this man, neither make us guilty, if he dies in the sea.

A– Ah, they then threw Jonah overboard, that it may please the LORD, to their surprise the raging sea, became as calm as can be.

V– Verily, oh verily, the sailors/seamen feared the LORD, exceedingly, excessively, Christ Jesus has been good.

I– Iesous, none but Jesus, created what we have, the sea and all its creatures, even those enormous in features.

N– Now Christ prepared for Jonah, a big fish in the site, where he had been thrown overboard, to swallow Jonah alive.

G– Given three days and three nights, in the bowels/intestines of the whale, Jonah finally surfaced, at about the mouth of the same.


O– Oh, Jonah repented, oh, Jonah have prayed, oh, Jonah asked for help, from the Yahweh who so saves.

F– Finally Yeshuwah, Yahweh Shua if stressed/stretched, Iesous and/or Jesus, hearkened to Jonah’s prayer.


N– Nigh/Near is Yahweh Shammah, to all who call on Him, thus He spoke to the big fish, spew Jonah- My kid.

IImmanuel is Christ Jesus, the God with us– that’s right, the whale He commanded to vomit, Prophet Jonah on dry land.

N– Now Jonah the Prophet, was commissioned again by the LORD, to go to the city of Nineveh, that the people thereof may be warned.

E– Ey, he followed Jesus, ey, he yielded to Christ, he went to the city of Nineveh, 3 days journey- it’s that big.

V– Verily on day one, he began entering the place, he said to the people of Nineveh, after forty days this city will God destroy.

E– Ey, the people fasted, ey, the people prayed, everyone put on sackcloth, on ashes the king have stayed.

H– Hey, the king have published, hey, the king proclaimed, no one will be eating, no one will be drinking.


F– Flocks and herds included, animals therein, no food and no water, will be given for meals.

R– Repentance- they have done that, remorse- from all their sins, everyone turned from his evil way, and stopped violence wrought by wicked hands.

O– Oh, Jesus repented, from destroying Nineveh, He turned away from His fury, didn’t annihilate the people, beasts and the city.

M– Much people were delivered, much people were saved, more than one hundred twenty thousand all in all, and much  cattle too were spared.


T– The Lord Jesus is gracious, the Lord is merciful, He is slow to anger, and His kindness is so great.

H– He will be forgiving, to those who will repent, but those who will refuse Him, will still retain their sins.

E– Ey, they will be punished, ey, they’ll be chastised, Christ Jesus will abhor them, wipe out their lives from existence.


F– Furious had been Jesus, to the people called Ninevites, prior to Jonah’s pronouncement, of the upcoming judgment of Christ.

U– Uh, Christ Jesus found fault, in wicked thoughts and works, Nineveh could have been no more, had the people there defied still the Lord.

R– Repentance- they have done that, remorse- from all their sins, everyone turned from his evil way, and stopped violence wrought by wicked hands.

Y– Yes, there’s Hope in Jesus, yes, there’s Hope in Christ, a change of mind is needed, and we must be conformed to Christ.


O– Oh, Jonah got angry, when Jesus changed His mind, when Jesus spared the Ninevites, for they’ve repented much!

F– For Jonah it had been more acceptable, had the Lord Jesus destroyed the people, had the Lord Jesus destroyed the city, had the Lord Jesus destroyed them all.


C– Came out of the city, Jonah sat nearby, so he made a booth there, to give him shadow and delight.

H– He observed the city, what will so transpire, will Christ Jesus overthrow, Jonah wants overthrown?

R– Right after that very day, that night Christ made to grow, a gourd to provide Jonah some shadow, come the following sunny day.

I– In the said day that followed, Jonah was pleased a lot, for though the sunrays were really hot, the gourd’s shadow protected him lots.

S– So, another day have ended, another night time came, another morning followed, Christ prepared a worm to kill the gourd.

T– The gourd have died and withered, the sun have shown its rays, Jonah have felt the sun’s heat, no more shadow prevented it.


J– Jonah felt so miserable, how come the gourd have died, had it continued living, the sun’s heat he would beat.

E– Ey, Christ Jesus asked him, doest thou well Jonah, to be angry to the Ninevites, to be angry for the gourd?

S– Since the Ninevites repented, since they have all changed, will you still desire it, to have them all get killed?

U– Uh, you got so angry, when the gourd you didn’t plant have just died, for which you bestowed no labor, and which you have not made to grow!

S– Shall I not rather pity, the city of Nineveh, I have them all created, far more precious than the gourd I have made.

(Jeremiah 17:7; Psalm 31:24; 1 Timothy 1:1)


Note: You can avail for free an illustrated version of this poem, rendered as a digital book, upon your request.


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