We must allow Jesus to enter our lives, our houses and our livelihoods.

Zacchaeus knew Jesus (Luke 19:1-10).

In one occasion, Jesus was entering the city of Jericho and lots of people were following Him. There was a certain chief tax collector with the name of Zacchaeus, a wealthy man who was very much interested to seek who Jesus is.

But he was small of stature and the thick crowd gathered together walking with Jesus were preventing Zacchaeus from seeing the Master. Providentially, there was a sycomore tree around the place where the LORD Jesus was about to pass. So, Zacchaeus climbed the same and was able to appreciate getting to see Jesus walk.

Jesus intently stopped before the sycomore tree, asked Zacchaeus to climb down quickly, informing the same that, that very day Jesus will be staying in his house.

The response of Zacchaeus? He went down straightway-anon-immediately-instantly-quickly-speedily and gladly brought Jesus into his house!

What the multitudes murmured about? Why did Jesus made Himself a guest in the house of a sinner?

You see, those days tax collectors or publicans were being called sinful or sinners because they were well known-ill famed-notorious for overtaxing people.

Yet, a great miracle happened-occurred-transpired!

Zacchaeus made a surprising statement!!! Lord Jesus (he had to say), half of my possessions-substance-goods I give to the poor, & if I have received anything from anyone by unjust gain, I will restore the same fourfold.

The response of Jesus? Today, Salvation has entered into this house, since Zacchaeus also is a son of Abraham.

For I (the Son of Man- the Incarnate) am come to seek and to save that which was lost.

Who is Abraham, by the way?

Abraham was a man commanded by the “Good” LORD Jesus Christ to leave his place of residence-habitation-abode to dwell in the place where He would direct him to (Genesis 11:31; 15:7; Nehemiah 9:6-7; Isaiah 44:24; Hebrews 1:10).

Since Abraham obeyed the Lord Jesus Christ’s calling (Romans 8:28), He made him very wealthy-affluent-rich, that he might be a blessing, for in him shall all the families of the earth be blessed. Moreover, those who will bless Abraham, the “Good” Lord Jesus will bless and those who will curse Abraham, the “Good” Lord Jesus will curse (Genesis 12:2-3).

Not only did Jesus promised to bless Abraham, but also his descendants. Since the Israelites were Abraham’s children, they were privileged by the “Good” LORD Jesus Christ to receive the book of the Law (the Pentateuch- Genesis to Deuteronomy). To them were handed down the original set of scriptures to keep and obey.

They were given excellent statutes and commands to live by as they serve their LORD God and Master Yeshua (Exodus 15:2; Job 13:15-16; Psalm 35:3; 62:1-2, 5-6; 118:14, 21; Isaiah 12:2; 33:2).

Yet, being Hebrews-Jews-Israelites (Abraham’s children-offspring-descendants) is useless, if the Yahwehhood or LORDship of the Lord Jesus is being violated-transgressed-disregarded (Matthew 3:8-9; Luke 3:8).

However, even if one is not a physical descendant of Abraham, if that one belongs to Christ (therefore, a Christian), the same is being considered by the “Good” LORD Jesus Christ as a child or descendant (spiritual) of Abraham, & therefore an heir according to the promise of Christ (Galatians 3:29).

Indeed, all the promises of Jesus to Abraham are ours as well, if we are truly Christ’s followers.

Going back to the story of Zacchaeus, after making a declaration before Jesus of what he is about to do, why did Jesus proclaimed that, that very day Salvation has entered Zacchaeus’ house?

Answer: Because that very day, Zacchaeus made and allowed Jesus to enter his life (buhay), his house (bahay) and his livelihood (kabuhayan).

No more cheating-deceptive-deceitful stuffs, all for Jesus’ sake (Colossians 3:23-24).

The name Jesus is an English word, which has an equivalent Tagalog or Filipino word Hesus, an equivalent Greek word Iesous and an equivalent Hebrew word Yeshua, all 4 means Salvation.

Simply stated, where you allow Jesus to enter is where you allow Salvation to enter!

Jesus didn’t tell him how to dispose his possessions, neither to return what he has gained by false accusation, but Zacchaeus voluntarily made the 2 commitments he declared to Jesus.

Zacchaeus must have been a very good accountant (and businessman), for him to repay everyone he had cheated 300 % more.

Wasn’t that an outstanding and phenomenal life transformation (from the inside out)? A sinner turned to saint, all because of Jesus!!!

Oh, how caring and loving Jesus is, for Him to seek and to save that which was lost!

That’s our sweet Lord and Master!!!

(Matthew 1:21; Acts 4:12, 10; Luke 24:47)


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