V– Vitamin B1 is Thiamine, it can be found in palay, it can be found in wheat too, the chaff and/or the bran.

I– I was then in grade school, when a grandpa gave us a goose, a white adult with a yellow beak, capable of laying eggs.

T– The white goose gave us much eggs, every day we garnered/gained one, about double the size of a chicken’s egg, my mom made them salted eggs.

A– Ah, the goose we named her Gigi, she had been tamed so well, she had been so docile, especially when to be given meals.

M– Mommy then would give her, some rice and other food, once her plate is tapped much, she would then be running towards mom.

I– I would be hearing Gigi, creating a characteristic sound, when she is excited, and when she wants food to eat.

N– Now, one time we have to leave home, our family spent a vacation, there at mommy’s province, we stayed there for several days.


B– Before we left our sweet house, we asked a favor from our neighbor, we said please take care of Gigi, we’ll be gone for a while.


O– Oh, when we have returned home, sweet Gigi we have seen, her head she would place on her back, we know she’s not alright.

N– Not knowing what happened, we don’t know what to do, Gigi kept on placing, her head on top of her back.

E– Ey, that was the 1st time, I have seen such a case, oh Gigi was pathetic, the poor goose died after a while.


D– Dad and mom were sorry, sweet Gigi died we don’t know why, what could her disease be due to, oh wretched Gigi died.

E– Ey, I had chicken pets too, some roosters and some hens, including a pet hawk also, long after Gigi died.

F– Friends, I had a pair of chicken, imported from Holland, daddy said, the 2 are of bantam variety, or the small breed that you see.

I– I have taken care of my pets, I enjoyed raising them well, but one time my bantam rooster, incurred what Gigi had.

C– Can I treat my rooster, Gigi died of that ailment, oh it was a good thing, I have a friend who has a solution for my chicken.

I– I was then instructed, by my sweet caring friend, to buy some kind of powder, at the pet shop for my rooster.

E– Ey, after we bought that, we dissolved it in some water, then we made my rooster, to drink enough to be well.

N– Never did my bantam rooster, succumbed to death like Gigi, his recovery had been impressive, after drinking what we gave him.

C– Characteristic of the illness, is the placement of the head on the back, oftentimes or repeatedly, by the fowl or the bird that is sick.

Y– Yes, my bantam rooster, have recovered from the disease so well, but the cure I did not discover, except that it’s in powdered form.


I– I am all for Jesus, I am all for Christ, Jesus gives me wisdom, and understanding- much.

N– Never did my bantam rooster, succumbed to death like Gigi, his recovery had been impressive, after drinking what we gave him.


F– Fowls fed with the palay, where the chaff is still on the rice, they won’t die like Gigi, they won’t have my rooster’s disease.

O– Oh, commercially prepared feeds, are good for the fowls and birds, that will make them a lot healthier, less prone to sickness and disease.

W– Whole grains intermingled, the likes of concentrate, can be fed to fowls and birds, if your goal for them is good health.

L– Little nourishment is not good, it can induce disease, it can induce much sickness, infirmities and ailments.

S– Sometime in the past too, back in High School days, I was then in 2nd year, when I’ve read a book in the house.


A– Ah, I saw a picture, of a pigeon that is sick, its head is placed on its back, Gigi was just like that.

N– No, I can’t forget too, when my bantam rooster got sick, displaying the same ugly posture, which have put to death, our sweet goose Gigi.

D– Details written under the pigeon’s picture, Thiamine deficiency, oh I learned from then on, the real solution is just simple!


B– Birds the likes of pigeons, can have that sickness too, placing their heads on their backs, repeatedly at that.

I– It can really happen, if you’ll just feed them rice, and yet will not allow them, to feed freely on the ground.

R– Regarding my younger cousin, after I have read the book, he was later having one pigeon, encaged and fed with just rice.

D– Daily he would give rice, to feed his impoverished dove, until it had developed, the characteristic posture that is bad.

S– So, having the knowledge, that I have read from the book, I gave the dove half of a multivitamin, and the recovery was noticed much/lots.


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