Y– Yahwehs or Jehovahs, the Trinity are all that way, Father, Son, Spirit, They’re all Yahwehs or Jehovahs still.

A– Ah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Christ Jesus bears this name, Jesus owns compound names, ten compound names great.

H– He is Yahweh Jireh, Yahweh Nissi too, Yahweh Raah, Rapha, Yahweh Shammah, Shalom.

W– Who’s Yahweh Tsidkenu, Yahweh Shua too, Yahweh Mekodishkem, Yahweh Sabaoth also?

E– Ey, that’s all Christ Jesus, not His loving Dad, not the Holy Spirit, I hope you would not mind.

H– Hope thou in Christ Jesus, Provider, our Flag, Shepherd, Healer, LORD accessible, the Peace we all must have.


O– Oh, the LORD our Righteousness, and Salvation too, the LORD who sanctifies us, He’s LORD of the armies also.

R– Raah can be Roi too, Rophekah from Rapha, Saboath from Sabaoth, don’t be now confused.


J– Jehovah came from Yahweh, Jewish national name of God, it may also mean Self-existent, the Trinity are Self-existent/Infinite Ones.

E– Ey, Jehovah is the Surname, of the Trinity- Father, Son and Spirit, Jehovah’s Their Common name.

H– Hebrew word Jehovah, Hebrew word Yahweh, Generic name of the Trinity, the Family name of the Three.

O– Oh, the ten compound names, apply to Christ alone, both God the Father excluded, and God the Holy Ghost.

V– Victory in Jesus, victory in Christ, Christ Jesus is the Banner we raise up, in Him we are triumphant.

A– Ah, the LORD of the armies, ah, the LORD of hosts, in Christ we are world overcomers, in Jesus we are world conquerors.

H– He will fight our battles, He will beat our foes, the warfare we have is not really ours, Christ Jesus will fight for us.


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