T– There was once a young man, Joseph was his name, his dad’s name was Jacob, and/or Israel.

H– His dad loves him so much, his brethren hate him lots, a coat of many colors, he gave Joseph one of that.

E– Ey, Joseph was handsome, Joseph was like that, at 17 he’s comely, a teenager you see.


S– So Joseph had dreamed twice, one dream he told his dad, one dream he told his brothers, they were not glad with that.

T– The brethren of sweet Joseph, they tried to kill the lad, they placed him in a deep well, sold him to the Midianites.

O– Oh, poor little Joseph, in Egypt he was brought, there he was sold higher, to Pharaoh’s officer.

R– Right there Joseph was shackled, right there Joseph was chained, after he was accused of, a crime that he didn’t commit.

Y– Yes, Joseph had been faithful, to Jesus Christ the Lord, even in ugly prison, he honored much the Good Lord.


O– Oh, Joseph prospered much, oh, Joseph got blessed, the king’s butler and baker, he told their dreams quite well.

F– Finally, sweet Joseph, was asked by Pharaoh’s men, to interpret the king’s dreams, oh he did that well!


P– Pharaoh dreamed about cattle, Pharaoh dreamed about corns, 7 years of plenty, then 7 years of scarcity.

H– Heaven looked down at Joseph, Christ’s favor he has won, he became Egypt’s Prime Minister, at 30 he had boomed/bloomed.

A– Ah, he was so happy, he was so full of glee, Jesus Christ exalt him, to be Pharaoh’s trusted man.

R– Right away Joseph flourished, Pharaoh’s ring he had worn, Pharaoh commanded entire Egypt, to move without Joseph not knowing it.

A– Ah, Joseph had ruled much, he explored Egypt a lot, he has bought entire Egypt for Pharaoh, their lands, their livestock, their lives also.

O– Oh, his brethren from Canaan, went to Egypt to buy food in the land, but they did not recognize Joseph, ‘cause he feigned to be another man.

H– He got angry so much, he had to test their hearts, that their thoughts may be proven, whether they all have changed.


A– Ah, Joseph’s wicked brethren, had changed a lot those days, Joseph knew they’re remorseful, for what they did to him.

N– Notice thou oh people, Joseph’s forgiving heart, he didn’t harbor ill will, against his brothers after they’ve changed.

D– Daddy Jacob or Israel, from Canaan Joseph fetched, including all his descendants, that Goshen may be their land.


J– Joseph dwelt in Egypt, Goshen is in the land, there he ruled for a long time, at age 110 he had died.

O– Oh, Joseph had 2 sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, who was given the birth right, by Israel before he died?

S– So, the Pharaoh in Egypt, when Joseph was still alive, he had been gregarious, to the people called Israelites.

E– Egyptians those days are friendly, to the Israelite community, with Joseph as the governor of Egypt, Pharaoh was kind and sweet.

P– Pharaoh died and Joseph, the Israelites proliferated much, another Pharaoh rose to power, cruel-brutal-implacable as well.

H– He had been so wicked, the Israelites he enslaved, Joseph he has not heard of, he ruled ruthless, merciless and vicious.


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