T– The twelve apostles of Jesus, do you know their names, we’ll enumerate them, Matthew 10:2-4.

H– Hey, the Good Lord Jesus, appointed twelve apostles, friend, He had them instructed, to do what He had said.

E– Ey, He didn’t allow them, to go to the Samaritans, He didn’t allow them also, that time to preach to the Gentiles.


T– Twelve apostles, He had called them, twelve disciples too, He commanded them to fish much, He made them fishers of men.

W– When Christ Jesus called them, four are fishermen, one is a tax collector, a publican they say.

E– Eleven followed Jesus, and reaped Eternal Life, one have sold Christ Jesus, and hanged himself afterwards.

L– Lo, Jesus have told them, you twelve must heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead too, and cast out devils also.

V– Verily, oh verily, the eleven still performed those things, after Jesus physically left them, ascended and sat at His Father’s right.

E– Ey, the twelve apostles, we will name them now, let them be in 3 sets, of 4 people or headcounts.


A– Ah, the 1st set of 4 people, Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John his brother, these 4 were fishermen.

P– Philip and Bartholomew, Thomas and Matthew, these belong to the 2nd set, of 4 apostles too.

O– Oh, Matthew is the tax collector, and/or publican, he’s otherwise known as Levi, accounting is his delight.

S– Simon- the Canaanite, and Judas Iscariot, James- Alphaeus’ son, Lebbaeus Thaddaeus, these belong to the 3rd set of 4.

T– Thomas doubted Jesus, to have resurrected and risen up, after His Human Body, have died at Calvary.

L– Lord Jesus ordained twelve, to be always with Him, to preach the Gospel also, that people may believe.

E– Evil Judas Iscariot, have been traitor against the Lord, he betrayed Christ Jesus, for 30 pieces of what?

S– Simon Peter denied Christ, 3 times before the rooster crowed twice, nonetheless, he repented, and returned to Jesus Christ.


O– Oh, James and John his brother, Zebedee’s sons- they are, Christ surnamed them Boanerges, the sons of thunder is what it means.

F– For your information, the 11 disciples fled, after their sweet Master, was betrayed by the 12th He called friend.


J– Jesus loves His enemies, Jesus calls them friends, though He may be wrathful, a loving God He is.

E– Enemies of Jesus, enemies of Christ, He still loves them also, He still cares for them too.

S– Such love is universal, the universal grace of Christ, He can be like a loving Daddy, correcting His wicked child.

U– Uh, the twelve apostles, the twelve disciples of Christ, one of them had perished, in Hell or unquenchable fire.

S– So, be all for Jesus, so, be all for Christ, Jesus Christ will keep you, away from Hell and the Lake of Fire.


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