Poem 33- MORMONS

M– Mormons are rich people, in Utah they are known, they send Missionaries, is it all over the world?

O– Oh, they socialize well, much people they can persuade, to be their faithful members, to go with them to Hell.

R– Regarding their sweet teachings, you can be god someday, you will be reigning in your own world, deception- they observe.

M– Mormonism was founded, by Joseph Smith back then, the guy had been polygamous, his doctrines were from Hell.

O– Oh, he must be a liar, or just some ignorant guy, not knowing the Holy Scriptures, not knowing Jesus’ words.

N– Note his claims oh people, when he was a teenager then, before he founded Mormonism, God the Father & God the Son appeared to him.

S– So, he saw God the Father, the permanently invisible God, how could that thing have happened, unless he lied or was deceived by wicked Satan?

(John 1:18; 1 John 4:12; 1 Timothy 6:16; John 6:46)


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