Poem 32- SLURPEE

Abstract: Luke 6:38 portrayal

S– Slurpee is quite awesome, Slurpee is quite such, it can demonstrate the scenario, of receiving much, from offerings also.

L– Luke 6:38 is declaring, if you give, you will be given too, you will receive in bounty, depending on your measuring stick.

U– Uh, Jesus will bless you, if you will give more, He will touch much people, to give you more and more.

R– Remember the sweet Slurpee, it can portray the verse, Luke 6:38 is what I mean, let us read again.

P– Pour out your sweet Slurpee, in the tumbler you have, let it fill the whole glass, a good measure at that.

E– Ey, press down the Slurpee, by thumping the tumbler well, then shake much the tumbler, that the Slurpee may sink well.

E– Ey, the tumbler will have more space, for Slurpee to be poured, it can accommodate more, a running over flow.

(Giving your offerings too)



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