T– Tail-docking can be done, for both cats and dogs, it is defined as cutting, their tails nicely and short.

A– Ah, I did tail-docking, in many of my pups, often on the 3rd day, after they were borne right.

I– I am all for Jesus, I am all for Christ, be now all for Jesus, be now all for Christ.

L– Little pups or puppies, can be tail-docked well, it need not be traumatic, like using scissors there.


D– Docking can be easy, docking can be fun, if you will tie a rubber band, on the tail at about/around the butt.

O– Oh, you can tail-dock Rottweilers, you can tail-dock Dobes too, you can tail-dock a Great Dane, or dogs you want for show/s.

C– Carry out tail-docking, don’t use there soldering guns, bleeding need not happen, scissors are not that fun.

K– Kindness must be shown also, to your lovely pups, a rubber band- they would ignore much, their tails will drop without blood.

I– In about some few days, less than just a week, the tails of your puppies would have dried up, and just fall on the ground.

N– No need for a Vet. Med., in tail-docking your pups, as long as you have some fingers, to tie a rubber band.

G– Give your all to Jesus, give your all to Christ, consult Him ‘bout your business, should you continue or stop?


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