T– The Holy City- New Jerusalem, great city of purest gold, only Jesus will make it, so tall, so wide and broad.

H– High above the new 2nd heaven, high above the new earth, Jesus is going to make it, to bring on, to new planet earth.

E– Enter now you people, enter now you priests, give your all to Jesus, that He may be so pleased.


H– Holy City- New Jerusalem, holy, holy place, Jesus is the King there, you can behold His face.

O– Oh, sweet God the Father, He will be there too, but no one will so see Him, not even me and you.

L– Let us now declare it, Jesus is our King, God the Father also, but He cannot be seen.

Y– Yes, I am not lying, I am not ashamed, to tell that Jesus conquered, He has conquered the grave.


C– Conquered death and triumphed, He won the battlefield, He had been victorious, He had been so pleased.

I– I am not discouraged, I am not that way, Jesus is my Master, He is the only Way.

T– Teacher of my lessons, Giver of my thoughts, God the Father’s sent One, Holy Ghost inspired.

Y– Yes, I am not frightened, I am not that way, even if I die now, Christ Jesus will be mine.


N– Now, listen and learn here, I will teach you much, Holy City- New Jerusalem, Jesus will make that.

E– Every saint or Christian, Jesus Christ inspired, they will dwell in the City, made up of purest gold.

W– Wealthy Jesus- King there, wealthy Jesus Christ, oh, how sweet and lovely, will be the works of Christ.


J– Jerusalem that’s holy, Jerusalem that’s pure, Jesus Christ will make that, very beautiful.

E– Every people holy, every people pure, they will stay and dwell there, even forevermore.

R– Record book will bear-out, the names of holy ones, I refer to people, found in the Book of Life.

U– Uh, that is exciting, that is awesome too, Jesus will be reigning, He is the King of kings.

S– Such is my sweet Jesus, such is my sweet Christ, God the Father also, but show-up He won’t do.

A– Ah, you are distraught-distressed-upset now, you can’t believe my claims, Jesus taught me these much, I hope you would not mind.

L– Live your life for Jesus, live your life for Christ, be now all for Jesus, be now all for Christ.

E– Enjoy loving Christ Jesus, enjoy serving the Same, be always obedient, to the words of Christ.

M– Make merry oh people, people of the Lord, New Jerusalem is for you, Christ Jesus there is viewed.


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