Poem 24- The Better Profession

Let me crack a joke now, I learned this in the past, when we had our oath-taking, as new Licensed Physicians. One time there were Lawyers, and Physicians too, both parties were then arguing, who have the better prof.? Profession is what I mean, they really made debate, the Lawyers claimed they are better, the Physicians claimed that too. God became so angry, a letter He sent down, Michael- the Archangel, he brought the letter below. When the parties opened, the letter that God sent, they were really bothered, they all began to cry. In the letter that they read, God’s thoughts were then revealed, He started with a statement, rendered this way, my friends: Oh, you wretched people, both Doctors and Lawyers, why are you always fighting, for the better profession? God continued further: I really hate you all, you are always busy, My money- you stole! Tithes- you will not give Me, offerings– just the same, not even a love gift, would you put in My hand!!! Now, stop from fighting, don’t you fight anymore, I am really troubled, when you both claim you’re Mine! Closing remarks were written: I am El Shadday, I am Yahweh Jireh, the God you must lift high!!! Below and on the far right, God had placed a note, signature He rendered- God of all mankind. Then, He finished the letter: P.S. – I love you!!! I am your Yeshua, Christ Jesus, M.D. God!

(This is an edited or modified version of the original.)


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