M– My Lord and my God was the utterance, of Thomas- an apostle of Christ, when he had felt the nail prints, impressed on Jesus’ hands.

Y– Yes, he felt Christ’s side too, which was pierced by the soldier’s spear, the part where blood & water, have gushed forth and have flowed.


L– Lord Jesus, You’re Master, Husband/Owner of the church, Maker of the universe, Creator, All in all.

O– Over all creations, creatures, createdkinds, Jesus- Lord and Master, in heaven, on earth, anywhere.

R– Ruler of the universe, present everywhere, knowing all things always, God’s Wisdom, Power too.

D– Demons can’t withstand You, they can’t bear the fear, when faced by God Incarnate, who won the stings of death.


A– Ah, all knees will bow down, at the name of Jesus, at the name Iesous, at the name Yehoshua.

N– None but Yehovah/Yehovih/Jehovah Yasha, Jehoshua or Jehoshuah, Joshua or Hoshea, Yeshua/Jeshua or Yahweh Shua.

D– Deity of Jesus, Divinity of Christ, cannot be controversial, gainsaid or even denied.


M– My Lord and my God is Jesus, it is the will of His Dad, it is the will of His Father, confirmed/affirmed by the Spirit of God.

Y– Yes, His Lordship is personal, His Godhood- just the same, He alone is the Adonay within the Trinity, Lord mine so personal.


G– Godhood/Lordship of Christ Jesus, John 20:28, personal pronouns were used there, by Thomas called Didymus.

O– Oh, have you received Christ, as personal Lord and God, as personal Savior also- Isaiah 12 verse 2?

D– Don’t deny Christ’s Lordship, His Godhood- just the same, the prints of the nails in His hands & feet, soon we’ll see upon God Incarnate.

(John 20:28)



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