I– I am all for Jesus, I am all for Christ, Jesus is my Master, He is my All in all.

N– Now, inspire me Jesus, now, inspire me Lord, let me now confess too, the testimonies of my Lord.

C– Christ- my inspiration, Jesus Christ- my All, incline my heart unto Thy testimonies, not to covetousness, dear Lord.

L– Let me utter stories, lessons of the past, the likes of the parted Red Sea, to set Your people free.

I– I am all for Jesus, Moses was like that, he chose to be with Jesus, than reign in Egypt much.

N– Noah was a preacher, a preacher for You Lord, You have saved his household, the rest- You drowned, dear Lord.

E– Elijah- You have taken, riding in the fire, a chariot that is burning, to bring to Paradise.


M– Myriam- You have punished, a leper she had been, for about a whole week, ‘cause Moses she resist.

Y– Yahweh Shua- Jesus, Yeshua- just the same, Enoch- You have taken, he preached in Your sweet name.


H– Have my heart enticed Lord, magnetize my heart, captivate it Jesus, to Thy testimonies of the past.

E– Eliab- You’ve rejected, though he is quite tall, the 8th child- You have chosen, the keeper of much flocks.

A– Ah, that is sweet David, a young boy ruddy much, Samuel- Your sweet prophet, he anointed the boy at last.

R– Rebekah- Isaac’s partner, You made her beautiful, You have made her that way, that Isaac may enjoy.

T– The giant named Goliath, You made David to fight, that the Philistines may know that, Israel has a Champion God.


U– Uriah- the soldier, a faithful one at that, king David had him abandoned, in the hottest battleground.

N– Nathan told king David, oh king you took the lamb, though you have lots of lambs too, your soldier just have one.

T– Thus, king David fasted, he fast and fasted much, to beg mercy from Jesus, to keep alive his child.

O– Oh, you know the story, his child died of a plague, his 1st son with Bathsheba, Christ didn’t allow to survive.


T– Therefore, people listen, listen well and good, Jesus Christ will punish, those who deviate from good.

H– Haman- do you remember, who hated Mordecai much, Queen Esther had hung him, on the gallows he designed.

Y– Yes, Christ’s testimonies- we must incline our hearts, Jesus must be sought much, to have Him found at last.


T– Testimonies of Jesus, they are really great, encouraging the downcast, discouraging the bad.

E– Ey, Jesus is precious, ey, Jesus is such, His words and/or His testimonies, He values them so much.

S– Say to sweet Lord Jesus, Master incline my heart, unto Thy testimonies, the living words You’ve got.

T– Testimonies of Jesus, they are really great, encouraging the downcast, discouraging the bad.

I– I am all for Jesus, Jesus makes me glad, prompting my heart unto His sweet words, the written words of Christ.

M– Messages He has authored, written by His slaves, written by His servants, they are really great.

O– Oh, Jesus my Master, yes, Jesus my Lord, urge my sweet spirit, to value much your words.

N– Now, let us consider, further sweet details, testimonies of Jesus, testimonies of Christ.

I– Isaac married Rebekah, a very beautiful lass, a very beautiful lady, she was a gift from Christ.

E– Ey, who would not like that, to marry a comely bride, someone all for Jesus, someone all for Christ?

S– Sober and so lovely, stick to just one guy, caring for her family, not some foolish gal.


A– Ah, you think I’m lying, Rebekah have lied too, she made her son- sweet Jacob, to steal his brother’s right.

N– No, I’m not a liar, Rebekah’s all for Christ, but in this one occasion, she urged Jacob to lie.

D– Daddy Isaac was too old, he cannot see his son, he thought Jacob was Esau, the birth right he handed down.


N– Naaman was a leper, a captain of the host, of the king of Syria, Christ Jesus made him whole.

O– Oh, Elisha ordered, 7 times immerse, at the Jordan river, and you will be made whole.

T– Thus, Naaman listened, he took a bath that much, his leprosy had gone out, a baby’s skin he’s got.


T– Take the life of Joseph, a good exemplar much, his brothers almost killed him, when he was 17.

O– Oh, when he was 30, Jesus raised him up, Jesus made him ruler, in Egypt and all that.


C– Covetousness is not good, you crave for what’s not yours, the likes of another’s sweet wife, the likes of what they have.

O– Oh, Joseph did not take, the wife of Potiphar, when the woman offered to Joseph, her body free of charge.

V– Verily, oh verily, sweet Samson was very strong, but his weakness are ladies, he cannot be appeased.

E– Ey, Delilah cut off, his long hair that looks good, from then on, he got too weak, he had to grind some wheat.

T– The life of Job was awesome, Christ made him very rich, Christ made him well protected, until Satan interfered.

O– Oh, I am not happy, oh, I am not merry, when people covet for something, Christ Jesus did not give them.

U– Uh, much wealth, much property, do you want to have, don’t be now insistent, when Jesus don’t want you to have.

S– Say to Jesus, Lord I love You, I want this and/or that, but if You don’t want this/that for me, I’ll love You still a lot.

N– Never aspire for something, that Jesus doesn’t like/want for you, for if you get to do so, Christ won’t be fond of you.

E– Ever love Christ Jesus, above all else at that, He will make you wealthy, in substance and/or lands.

S– Say, Lord Jesus, I love You, above sweet all things too, You are my Provider, my exceeding great Reward also.

S– Say, Lord Jesus, I love You, above sweet all things too, You are my Provider, my exceeding great Reward also.

(Psalm 119:36)



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