A– Anathema, Maranatha, I Corinthians 16:22, you are cursed if you don’t love Jesus, He is the Son of God.

N– Never thou deny it, Christ Jesus is coming soon, even so come Lord Jesus, sweet John have uttered that.

A– Ah, John the beloved, the apostle whom Jesus loves, he loves the appearing of Jesus, Christ is the delight of his heart.

T– Take a look at Jesus, though you see Him not, read the Holy Scriptures, the Bible and all that.

H– Have Christ Jesus save you, call upon His name, curses will not prosper, when you call upon Jesus’ name.

E– Ever love Christ Jesus, ever do that well, curses will not flourish, when Jesus is your Friend.

M– Make Christ Jesus love you more, by doing His commands, when you love Christ Jesus, you’ll reap lots of rewards.

A– Anathema is cursing, addressed by Paul for Christ, to people who don’t love Him, I hope you would not mind.


M– Maranatha, dear friends, and dear foes as well, declares the coming of Jesus, be future and/or past.

A– Ah, you don’t believe me, that Jesus brings up curse, Jesus brings up rewards too, to honor and prosper you.

R– Regard not those people, who deny Christ’s return, but do claim that God the Father, will appear in the latter days.

A– Ah, they cannot prove that, oh, they really can’t, God the Father is relentlessly invisible, to all the createdkinds.

N– Never will you see Him, never ever will, God the Father is invisible, back then, today, and forevermore.

A– Ah, you don’t believe me, yes, you really don’t, that God the Father can’t be seen in 3rd heaven, though seated in His throne.

T– Take and read your Bibles, open at John 1:18, I John 4:12 also, I Timothy 6:16.

H– Have also another verse, to open in your Books, I refer to the pleasant coup de grace- John 6:46.

A– Ah, you cannot escape here, Christ Jesus is coming soon, we will behold our Master, by then- face to face.


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