Poem 10- PENIEL

P– Peniel or Penuel are just the same, it means the face of God, one time Christ Jesus appeared in human form, and wrestled with Jacob until the break of dawn.

E– Ey, those days, God’s face cannot be seen, if He won’t appear as flesh, if He won’t appear in human form, if He won’t appear in angelic form.

N– No one has seen Jesus, no one has seen Christ, in His God Form or Godhood, His visage/countenance/face was not disclosed.

I– I refer to the days of old, from Genesis to Malachi, Christ Jesus has appeared only, in transient human or angelic form.

E– Ey, in His inherent Godhood, His countenance can’t be disclosed, had anyone seen Him that way, he/she would have died those days.

L– Look at Genesis 32:30, Jacob saw Christ face to face, yet he didn’t die because of that, verse 24 proves the very fact.

(Exodus 33:20-23)


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