S– Sadducees have claimed that, the people who have died, cannot be resurrected, and be raised from the dead.

A– Ah, they came to Jesus, oh Master, they have said, Moses taught in scriptures, a brother’s wife to wed.

D– During deprivation, of husband, if no child yet, the next brother must marry, the wife of the deceased.

D– Deceased husband’s next brother, must raise children by her, precious seeds to rear up, sweet offpring to be had.

U– Uh, they said further to Jesus, 7 siblings were there, the wife’s 1st loving husband, have died, leaving no child.

C– Came the 2nd brother, married his dead brother’s dear wife, but he died with no child also, likewise the 3rd left no child too.

E– Ey, the 7 brethren- they all had her, each one of them have married her, but they all died leaving no children, at last the woman died as well.

E– Ey, they had to ask the “Good” Lord Jesus, come resurrection when they’re raised up, who among the 7 brethren, will be the husband of the woman?

S– Sadducees were told by Jesus, you greatly err, you greatly err, what’s written in scriptures you do not know, the God of the living is so powerful!!!

                                                                                                                                                  (Mark 12:18-27)


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