Sin & Salvation- Part 2

Abstract: Our originally perfect world provided by the “Good” Lord Jesus Christ, became imperfect because of the sin of the 1st 2 persons belonging to the humankind. Nonetheless, Jesus provided a way out of sin, for Adam & Eve.


How could a perfect world/cosmos/universe (planet earth plus 1st, 2nd & 3rd heaven) created by a perfect God like Jesus (Genesis 1:1; Hebrews 1:10; 1 Chronicles 16:26; Psalm 96:5) be penetrated by imperfection because of sin?

Since 3rd heaven is what the Bible calls Paradise (2 Corinthians 12:1-4) or the heaven of heavens (Deuteronomy 10:14; 1 Kings 8:27; 2 Chronicles 2:6; 6:18) or the house of Christ Jesus’ Dad (John 14:2) or Abraham’s bosom (Luke 16:22) or God’s abode or God’s dwelling place (1 Kings 8:30, 39, 43, 49; 2 Chronicles 6:21, 30, 33, 39), wickedness-iniquity-transgression-sin must not and cannot reside/inhabit/domicile/dwell therein. That’s the very reason why the Archangel Lucifer (Light bearer), turned Satan (adversary-opponent-archenemy-accuser), together with the rest of the fallen angels were kicked out from heaven (Isaiah 14:12-14; 2 Peter 2:4). They no longer live there!

Yes, Satan was still given the privilege by the “Good” Lord Jesus Christ to pay a visit in Paradise or heaven (3rd), every once in a while or from time to time (Job 1:6-7; 2:1-2), but the said God’s abode or dwelling place is no longer Satan’s habitation-home-residence. He is just a visitor there occasionally.

Since Satan and all the rest of the fallen angels (demons) were already cast out-banished-ostracized-expelled by the “Good” LORD (Yahweh or Jehovah) Jesus Christ from 3rd heaven or the Father’s house, they have taken upon themselves to destroy the world (i.e., planet earth & all its inhabitants).

How to do that? By persuading mankind or the human race or the humankind to sin against God- their Creator (the Lord Jesus Christ- Genesis 1:27; Ecclesiastes 12:1; Isaiah 44:24; Nehemiah 9:6; Hebrews 1:10), would be a good start! And true enough, Satan have succeeded in convincing Eve & Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, which the “Good” LORD (Yahweh or Jehovah) Jesus have told them not to eat.

Oh, how foolish it is for Adam & Eve to put into chaos or disorder the orderly/organized/well-arranged world that Jesus have made for them!!!

Let us now venture into viewing the perfect world which the “Good” LORD (Yahweh or Jehovah) Jesus have originally created:

Day 1- Jesus created the light.

Day 2- Jesus created the firmament/expanse/sky/heavens.

Day 3- Jesus created the seas, land & plants/vegetation/flora.

Day 4- Jesus created the heavenly bodies: sun, moon & stars.

Day 5- Jesus created the birds of the air & the living creatures on the waters.

Day 6- Jesus created the animals on land & the humankind (Adam & Eve).

The light that Jesus made on day 1 is a created light, a universal light, not the personified Light in John 8:12 (which is the Lord Jesus Christ). Of course, the created light cannot be the Creator (John 1:3; Colossians 1:16; Isaiah 44:24; Nehemiah 9:6). Hence, this universal light that Jesus made or created had been responsible for plant photosynthesis in trees and all other vegetation (created on day 3), prior to the creation of the sun on day 4. Is it at all possible for this universal light which Jesus created, to be the same light where God the Father indwells in Paradise, to make Himself forever invisible to all the createdkinds (1 Timothy 6:16)? Oh, it was on day 3 that Jesus created the seaweeds we are now eating, that serve as wrappers in our sushi! Because our 24-hour day is based on the rise and fall of the sun & the appearance and disappearance of the moon, days 1-3 of creation are likely to be not 24-hour days each (since there is no sun and moon yet on those creation days), unless the day and night or the evening and morning reckoning-estimation-calculation-accounting-reporting based on the creation of the universal light in day 1 is of the same length-duration-extent to a 24-hour day after the creation of the sun and moon (as we have it today). Moreover, days 4-6 of creation can only be 24-hour days each, if its evening and morning accounts were based on the rise and fall of the sun & the appearance and disappearance of the moon, in the context of a 24-hour day that we have today.

Oh, how beautiful (Ecclesiastes 3:11) and perfect (Genesis 1:31), everything Jesus have originally made or created! But Adam & Eve fell into sin, bringing death into the world (Romans 5:12). The curse of sickness and disease entered the world too!!! Our genes (hereditary traits carrier) from then on, were flawed. From that which is perfect came imperfection. From that which is beautiful came ugliness. From that which is flawless came flaws or faults. From that which is whole came brokenness & deformity. From that which is orderly came disorder and chaos. From abundant provisions came lack. From acceptance came rejection. From life came death!!!

It’s all because of sin. It’s all because of iniquity and transgression. It’s all because of disobedience. It’s all because of failure to listen to Jesus. It’s all because of failure to follow Jesus. It’s all because of failure to serve Jesus. It’s all because of failure to live for Jesus. It’s all because of failure to love Jesus.

How then can sinful humankind be delivered from the sin that so easily beset-plague-overpower us?

Oh, Jesus is so “Good”! Well, it is nice and pleasant to say that He is the best. But we only say that He is “Good” (Mark 10:18; Luke 18:19), because no createdkind can top-outdo-surpass-exceed-excel-outshine-beat His goodness. Since that is the case, being “Good” in that context still means being the best.

Jesus provided a way out from sin, for the sinful mankind or humankind!!!


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